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Carol Hart was born in Shreveport, Louisiana and earned her BA in Fine Arts with an emphasis in painting at Stephen F. Austin State University in Texas.  She currently lives in Fayetteville, AR with her husband Bill and their two cats. 
After moving to Arkansas Carol worked with children with disabilities for a number of years and later founded Life Styles, a non-profit providing critically needed services for adults with disabilities.  Understanding the importance and power of art, Carol established the Blair Art Center for individuals to find their voice and express themselves through a variety of mediums.  Today, these accomplished Life Styles artists enthusiastically show their work throughout the region. 

Carol is an acrylic and mixed media artist.  Her work includes landscapes, figures and abstracts.  She likes to work in series as it gives her the opportunity to fully explore her subjects like her Sew What Series, her vintage women in sports paintings, or her current series focusing on memories, reflections and feelings of home.  She collaborated with a local photographer pairing her interpretation of eight of his photographs.  This winter she is collaborating with another painter to do a painting for the church she attends.  She has work in galleries in Scottsdale, AZ, Little Rock, and Northwest AR.  Carol has been honored with awards for her mixed media work and abstracts.  In 2019 she was selected to be in M2 Gallery’s all female She Show and had two of her abstracts selected to be in the prestigious Delta Show.

Artist Statement

             I am an acrylic and mixed media artist.  I love the painting process from that first kernel of an idea to the finished piece.  I use bold bright colors, loose brush strokes, and vivid patterns to bring attention to the interplay of shapes, color, and texture.   I frequently add collage elements, mark making, drawing on the canvas, and sewing on the paintings as exemplified in my Sew What series.

I paint figures, landscapes and abstracts.  While my subject matter varies, my methods are consistent emphasizing an abstract approach striving to capture a feeling or emotion, or create a story as in Chilly Ride or Dream Time. I enjoy exploring the push and pull of paint and collage in my abstract works.  I will create layers upon layers of paint and collage until the balance, movement and complexity of the painting is achieved.     

I have always been involved in the pursuit of creative expression.  My love affair with painting began in high school.   I view the world through an artist’s eyes, seeing possibilities in the ordinary and the extraordinary.  The process of painting is personal for me.  It is not only my opportunity to create, but to problem solve, experiment, and share a part of myself with the viewer.  

Events & Galleries



We think, We see, We do

Self Portrait Show 2020

M2 Gallery Little Rock


Female artists - M2 Gallery

Solo shows - Contemporary acrylics

Ramo d' Olivo 2017 / Midland & Associates 2018

FNBNWA Art Gallery 2017

One of four artists - First National Bank at the head of the Art District

DOUBLE VISION- ArtVentures 2018

COLLABORATION- between a painter & photographer

La Femme - Fayetteville Underground 2017

A Treatise on Confluence - a show of women artists

ANA Four State Regional Show

Juried show - BEST IN MIXED MEDIA - 2017

ANA Four State Regional Show 2018

Juried Show - MERIT AWARD

People, Places & Things - SPIVA Art Center

Four NW Arkansas artists - Joplin, MO 2018

61st Annual Juried Delta Exhibition

2019 Arkansas Arts Center /2 paintings juried in

Better World Mural - Gender Equality

based on UN goals 2019

Bend in the Road - 2019 Solo Show

The Story Gallery at Gracepoint

People & Places

Arkansas Public Theater 2019


Gallery Andrea Scottsdale, AZ

ArtVentures - Fayetteville, AR

Gallery 26 - Little Rock, AR

M2 Gallery - Little Rock , AR

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